October 16, 2005


fitness quest
UPDATED 5/8/06:
I joined ww again. Again!! Amy begged me to join with her since she's trying to lose her baby weight. We'll see how this round goes. So - I'm making a new progress chart.

dateweightloss/gainnet loss
5/5/06176.8 -- --

I am so sick and tired of myself. I've tried everything from Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers to the South Beach Diet. The one so far that seems to be working for me is the South Beach, moderated. I basically limit the refined sugars/carbs, and that seems to be working - slowly but it's working, portion control, snacks, fruits, vegetable, lean meat and whole grains. I've just bought the Tony Little Gazelle in order to work out at home at night while we watch our dvd's. Getting to the gym at work at lunch was too hard, and I can't before or after work 'cause of my kids.

dateweightloss/gainnet loss
9/22/05177.8 -- --
9/29/05176.8 -1 -1
10/6/05176 -0.8 -1.8
10/20/05173.8 -2.2 -4
11/3/05170.8 -3 -7
11/10/05170.8 -0 -7
12/8/05171.2 +.4 -6.6
1/3/06172.8 +1.6 -5

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