March 12, 2006

rings and things

Sometimes I want to write... Other times I'm just too overwhelmed to rehash everything and need time. Other times, I have an itch to write and just don't have anything to say.

Today I have an itch to write.

Joseph has had his EEG and I'll be calling on Monday to schedule a followup, but I would think it would make more sense to wait until after his catscan. He's not doing any better... Stil cycling through bad and good times.

Logan and Joseph got into a pillow fight which ended up splitting Logan's ocular muscle by his eye, nearly to the bone. 6 stitches. Good Lord the blood. And they had to strap him down to a board in order to do it, since three year olds are really Octopi in disguise. That was awful to watch. His stitches should come out tomorrow. He'll have a scar, but they called in a plastic surgeon in order to minimise the scarring. You can't see it very well in the picture, but yes, there are 6 stitches.

In other news, work is crazy nuts. Crazy nuts. There were layoffs and now we're all picking up the slack because, yes, those positions were indeed needed. AND they've ramped up production, so we're working on even more films. It sucks. I'm behind. I'm not a happy camper at work. I still love my job, however, I never know when we're going to get just slammed.

Jay really really really wanted one of these.

They are very very expensive. But I got a bonus at work. We couldn't find it anywhere - ANYWHERE - they're all out of stock. So we found our way to ebay, and won an auction. Hopefully it'll be a good transaction.

When we were first married, I had an engagement/wedding ring. When I got pregnant with Joseph, I had to put it on a chain around my neck, as my fingers were swollen. After I lost the inital water weight after his birth , I was able to wear it again. But soon after, the center setting fell out. Jay managed to find the setting and diamond in our bed, an amazing feat actually. We put it in a zip lock baggie in order to take it in for repair the next day. We never saw it again. We have no idea where it went or how it got there. In the years since, I contacted the jeweler Jay first got it from, but they discontinued that particular line, so they couldn't help me. Every jewelry store I passed in the mall, I stopped to look. I started to keep tabs on Ebay because, you never know. There were lots of variations, but not MY ring. I was amazed to find that it was so hard to find. What's interesting, is I kept finding the engagement ring from my first engagement to my ex Chris over and over and over again. But this one was just too original I guess. I did find one, a couple of years ago, but the bidding ended at almost $1000. I just didn't have the dough. I was so disappointed. So I wrote to the seller to find out where she got it, or any information, and I explained why, but I never got a reply.

I found it. My ring. MY ring.

The auction ends in less than 2 hours and I'm the current high bidder. I want my ring back.

UPDATE: I won! I'm getting my ring back!!!!!

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