January 23, 2006

life aint good

So. We talked to a child Psychologist. Joseph has a tentative diagnosis of bipolar disorder with ADD. Essentially - a brain chemistry problem. I think she said too much dopamine produced. We're now awaiting an appointment with a child Psychiatrist to evaluate to confirm diagnosis and evaluate for medication, at which point we'll return to the Psychologist for therapy as well.

At this point I can't think about the fact that it's a for-life mental illness that if left unmedicated could eventually land him an insane asylum.

I don't want to think about it anymore right now. There's nothing I can do that I'm not doing so I just am taking it one step at a time.

In other news, the Santa Ana winds have hit. A transformer blew up (and THAT was fun to wake up to at 1am) - we don't have power (I'm writing from work) and due to all the damage in the southland, no ETA on when we can expect power. There's a 6 foot plate glass window shattered in our driveway - although we don't know whose it is - it's not ours. My dad's backyard fence is gone. And there are two brush fires in my area, probably started by downed electrical lines and/or transformer explosions.

Of course I bought my groceries yesterday.

On top of it all I now have a zit on my eyelid. Can you say ouch? Who get's zits on their eyelids??

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